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E-waste Recycling Services

The scope of services to effectively deal with customer's demand of disposing of retiring IT assets can vary depending
on many factors from logistics to recycling services.


WEEE Recycling

Green IT Recycling offer Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE)

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Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials

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Data Destruction

We do Data Destruction by Degassing and Physical destruction by shredding

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Data Wiping

We do the Data wiping electronically which assures you a safe wiping with certification.

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Asset Management

As leaders in computer asset management, we offer a one-stop solution

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Green IT Recycling offer Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) Services

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Brief Information
About Green IT

Green IT Recycling Center Pvt. Ltd is an asset recovery solution provider, managing excess or end-of-life IT assets. Our expertise of process engineering and remarketing directly translates into the recovery of IT asset value for our clients' businesses.

Behind the Green IT Recycling Center Pvt. Ltd, the Directors have vast experience of 16 years in the same field of IT Asset management services. By uncompromised dedication & continuous effort towards achieving an excellence in delivering three core services to clients i.e. Data Security, Value for Return & Environmental Disposal.

Registered Recyclers by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (M.P.C.B)
Registered under Maharashtra Special Economic Zone (S.E.Z)

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How it Works

With so many years of experience in the Used IT Asset management services, we can be able to make the
proper combination of 3R's, i.e. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.



Reuse is one of the viable options in the recycling services, which can be used in various ways...



To make our planet greener we need to reduce the use of IT asset, refurbishment of IT products, implementing power saving options,..



This is the last option to be utilized if the IT asset is not working to the original manufacturing products.

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