E Waste Recycling

Electronic waste or e-Waste essentially consists of computers, laptops, CRT & LCD/LED monitors, printers, scanners, among other items. As new systems rapidly arrive on the market, old products are scrapped. However, some of these components contain toxic substances. Improper disposal of such units can cause threat to human health and the environment.

By taking all the necessary safety measures for the protection of environment, we have become the most prominent service provider of E Waste Recycling services. These services are carried out efficiently in small rooms so that this process may not harm any worker health as well as environment. The e-waste is collected from the renowned vendors of the market which comprises computers, transformers, mother boards, cartridges, floppies, battery, CDs, switches, CFL lamps, ovens, etc. The process of recycling is carried out keeping in mind the environment sensitivity. We offer these E Waste Recycling services at reasonable prices.

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