E-waste Recycling Services

The scope of services to effectively deal with customer's demand of disposing of retiring IT assets can vary depending on many factors from logistics to recycling services. As per the customer demand we can render the services by following the norms of environmental laws.
As per the norms, E-waste needs to handle carefully as it contains hazardous waste.


WEEE Recycling

Green IT Recycling - an e-waste management solution company in Pune, India provides safe and secure electronic waste disposal, recycling service, WEEE Recycling for industries throughout India. We collect and manage electric and electronic equipment in a responsible manner, which strictly adheres to government regulations as well as international standards.

Green IT Recycling plant is located at "D-222, MIDC Ranjangaon, District Pune, Maharashtra India, Pin code: 412220" Customer can reach or call on Toll Free No 1800-2700-600

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Reverse Logistics

Green IT Recycling Center Pvt Ltd has tie up for PAN India pickup with Gati KWE Logistics Company

Reverse logistics has also been defined as the return/exchange, repair, refurbishment, remarketing and disposition of products. Reverse logistics has become an important way for companies to improve visibility and lower costs across the supply chain. The reverse logistics process starts with the point of consumption and ends at the point of origin, with the purpose of recapturing value or ensuring proper disposal.

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Data Destruction

Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.

Data destruction can be done by three ways

  1. Degaussing is the process for reducing the magnetization of a magnetic storage device to zero by applying a reverse magnetizing force, rendering any previously stored data unreadable and unintelligible, and ensuring that it cannot be recovered by any technology known to exist.
  2. Physical destruction by shredding.
  3. Electronic Data Wiping: We do the Electronic data wiping for SAS, SATA, SSD hard drives, tape driveswhich assures you a safe wiping with certification.
    Through the patented Erasure software your organizations now have a secure method to erase data on storage devices- regardless of underlying technology - in a cost-effective, secure and eco-friendly manner. Ensure your sensitive data has been permanently erased from your IT assets with the most certified disk erasure software solution on the market, with a 100% tamper-proof report.

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Asset Management

Want to extract some value from your company's older, out of date computers? Green It recycling company, Pune has you covered! Our Asset Management service provides you with the opportunity to offset the cost of office electronics that are no longer in use. If those computers, printers, scanners and copiers are sitting in a storage room taking up space, there's a much better alternative.

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We have a perfect solution for all bulk producers of electric and electronic equipment to meet their EPR targets. We ensure a transparent model of operation in the process with an expertise to meet the targets in a specified timeframe.

Green IT Recycling have adopted extended producer responsibility to help address the growing problem of e-waste - used electronics contain materials that cannot be safely thrown away with regular household trash.

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